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Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrows are extremely important in giving your face character and expression, whilst framing and accentuating your eyes. If your brows have been over plucked, if they are patchy, or basically non-existent, or you’re just tired of drawing them on every day, cosmetic tattoo for your brows is the perfect solution. 

Eyebrow Feathering | $400

Feather Touch Brows are single hair strokes throughout the brow to give you a more defined shape and fuller looking brows. This is the most natural looking of all eyebrow tattoos. An important thing to be aware of is this style is not a forever option, those who complete this style will eventually need to transition to an ombre or powder brow.

Ombre and Powder Brows | $420

Ombre and Powder Brows are similar to having your brows filled in with makeup, adding fullness and shape. Ombre starts out lighter at the fronts of your brows and gradually gets darker to create a softer more natural looking brow; where as powder is one colour from front to end, this is great for people who wear makeup every day, work out multiple hours a day or those with oily/acne skin.


Combination Brows | $450


Combination Brows is the perfect combo of Feathering and Ombre Brows! The fronts are feathered which creates a beautiful soft but filled look and starting from the middle they are filled in with the machine to make them stand out a little more. 

Touch up | $120

Each treatment will need a perfecting appointment 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment.

If you are needing a third touch up this will be an additional $50. 


Colour boost | $280

It is recommended that your brows will need touched up every 12-18 months to maintain its colour.

Please note this price is for exisiting clients that have previously been tattooed at Soul Beauty and Skin. 

Additional notes:

We can not perform the treatment on you if:

  • You are under 18 (In some cases you may be required to provide photo ID)

  • You are currently pregnant (If breastfeeding you will have to express for 24 hours afterwards)

  • You have an existing tattoo that has not been approved to work over.

  • You are prone to keloid scarring (Raised scars)

  • You are currently taking medication for acne - Oratane or similar (You must have been off it for at least 6 months).  

  • Botox or similar treatments should be carried out at least 3 weeks before your treatment and no sooner than 3 weeks after your follow up appointment as it can alter the way your cosmetic tattoo sits.

  • Chemical peels should be carried out at least 60 days before your appointment and no sooner than 60 days after the procedure, always avoid the tattooed area. 

  • You are currently on blood thinning medication. You must consult with your doctor and stop taking the medication at least one week prior if possible.

  • If you have diabetes or valve implants please let us know as we require your doctors approval to proceed with the treatment.

**Please note: All appointments require a $100 non refundable deposit.

Please don't hesitate to email for any questions.

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